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Ellementry is in the details. An interview with Ayush Baid

Ellementry Store in Indiranagar

Located bang on 12th Main, Indiranagar, very close to the ever-busy 100 FT Road, is Ellementry. The latest entrant in home furnishings.

What makes Ellementry different? Most of their products are hand made. So, no two are alike. But they’re a set, much like families.

We at The City 24/7 (#TC247) did get a chance to catch up with the Founder of Ellementry, Mr. Ayush Baid.

What is Ellementry? What is the range of products that Ellementry caters to?

Ellementry is a homegrown brand of lifestyle products handcrafted with the belief that what looks good, also does good. Beauty is a blend of desire and necessities, and at Ellementry, we create products with this belief. We combine traditional handcrafted techniques with modern sensibilities.

From a range of lifestyle products including kitchenware to tableware to wall and home decor, along with accent furniture and lighting, our products are handcrafted with a fusion of elements like wood, enamel, metal, terracotta, and glass. Ellementry keeps sustainability at the heart of its design approach.

Who is behind Ellementry? (About Dileep Industries)

Ellementry comes from a three-decade-long legacy of riveting the world. The brand is the retail offshoot of Dileep Industries (my father’s brand), a multi-award winning business that has been exporting its products to international brands.

Ayush Baid

“What makes us different is that we turn daily use products into beautiful, useful things.” – Ayush baid

What makes us different is that we turn daily use products into beautiful, useful things. It is one of the first brands in India which caters to handmade home products and focuses entirely on such a niche category. That reflects in the response we have been getting from our clients.

Are the products primarily focused on the residential market or commercial?

We focus on inspiring better living by eliminating the need to choose between form and function through the use of well-designed products. So this includes the residential market as well as the commercial market. For the residential market, we have online and offline stores, and to cater to the commercial market we have a separate B2B section.

Are you looking at further expansions in Bangalore or other cities in India?

We already have a store in Bangalore at Indiranagar and will soon have another store in Bangalore! Yes, we are planning to have our presence across all major cities in India in the next two years.

Will you be looking at expansions in Malls?

No plans as of now but we are always receptive to new business developments! Now we are present in two malls actually: at Infiniti Malad, Mumbai and at VR Bengaluru, Bangalore

Your interests apart from work?

I am into martial arts and I like traveling!


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