An Interview with Singing Sensation – Sangeetha Ravindranath


By Divyasri Nair

Enchanting people with her melodious voice and pumping their adrenaline with her energetic live performances; Sangeetha Ravindranath is a singer, song writer and a composer hailing from Mysore, currently residing in Bangalore.

Considered as one of the fastest growing singers, Sangeetha Ravindranth has the credit for working in more than 70 South Indian movies in the languages Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Tulu. After finishing her graduation in commerce, Sangeetha pursued her further education in Music at the Majolly Music Trust an affiliation of London College of Music.

She won “The Best Debutant singer” award at the very popular Santhosham South Indian Film Awards, Hyderabad and in Zee Music Awards 2014, she won yet another popular award , Zee Music Award “Best Upcoming Singer” for her song ‘Pakka Local’ from the movie Namasthe Madam starring Ragini Dwivedi . She was even honoured as the “Best Playback Singer of the year” by the then Chief Minister Sri Siddaramaiah. Along with her commercial performances, Sangeetha Ravindranath has always contributed to the society through Art as a medium. She has always actively taken part in doing charity shows and raising funds towards the right causes.

We asked Sangeetha a few questions about her exciting career in music and this is what she had to say.

How and when did you start your music career?

It all actually started when my mother realised that she is expecting her second baby, since my brother was already there she wanted this one to be a girl child only because she wanted to name her Sangeetha, and teach her music. She also dreamt that I would become a singer one day. Fortunately I was always inclined towards music and dance as a kid. And the journey just began. And I was so lucky to be part of my school and college who actually helped me groom myself. I don’t even remember how many stages I was given opportunity to exhibit the little talent I have. It plays such a major role in making you!

Who has been your greatest source of inspiration in music?

Not one but many. To start with, my biggest source of inspiration and motivation has always been my parents. More than the people, their journey inspires me. I have and I do come across many such journeys which inspire me to be a better musician and a better person.

Seems like language is not a barrier for you, as you have sung in several regional languages. How do you manage this?

Nothing is a barrier when it comes to music. I have always believed music is something that comes from within. Even if it is a different language all that matters is your connection with that particular melody, and everything else comes effortlessly.

Tell you more about your first break in Kannada music industry. How did it happen?

I was never a part of any singing reality shows before I started recording for movies. After my graduation in commerce I moved from Mysore to Bangalore to pursue further education in music. I was fortunate to connect with few musicians who were actively performing in the film industry and helped me connect with the right people. One such reference took me to Mr Arjun Janya , and he instantly gave me my first debut song , a track with Bollywood star Mika Singh ! The song Vone Vone from the movie Victory gave me a lot of recognition and work here. V. Harikrishna, Mano Murthy, Hamsalekha Sir, Ajneesh Loknath, Charan Raj, Judah Sandy and many more ! I’m thankful to all of them for the opportunities!

You recently sung playback for Bollywood. What was the experience like?

Oh it was lovely! God has really been very generous in what he has given me, without asking for it. This project happened out of nowhere! I was so happy that a team from Mumbai came here to Bangalore and chose me to be a part of their multilingual movie; they made me sing in Marathi too! The experience was just amazing and I cannot wait for my audience to listen to these songs!

What do you enjoy more? Playback singing or performing live?

I enjoy everything that has music in it! Hahaha, I mean I love both, live recording has its own beauty, the beauty of making someone else’s composition your own, connecting with it right so you deliver the right emotion that the song demands, it is not an easy job 🙂 Live singing on the other hand has its own magic! The satisfaction that you get when you make your audience forget everything else and just dance and sing along with you! Oh, that feeling is just unbeatable!

Lastly, any message for your fans and our readers?

Well, I would love to tell the readers, to consider ART as any other profession and not just as a hobby! Although it comes under entertainment, with the very little experience I have, I would tell you, it is one of the toughest job, we artists put in a lot of hard work, time and passion! Our profession demands a lot of sacrifices! We don’t get to hang out with family and friends much, we don’t get to plan our holidays well, and when you are not recognized, it is hard make ends meet. So I would demand some respect from all of you for any artist around you.

And for anyone who is a fellow artist here, or wanting to be one, just remember to keep that passion going, no one else but you have to make it work, motivate yourself, choose the right path always, do not forget where you came from, and always remember to be grateful to your parents, to your teachers and to anybody and everybody who has contributed to your journey! Patience wins! I would also like to mention that I am now running an organisation called “Ragarashmi Foundation for Art and Culture”. It is a non-profit organisation which believes Art should be made available to everyone irrespective of where they come from! We have many exciting projects coming soon, anybody who wants to be a part of it can write to us anytime at

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