By Divyasri Nair

Planning and executing a birthday party is nothing short of herculean task these days. Don’t you agree?

There are some who choose to spend a birthday alone just with their loved ones while they are some who opt for a get-together. If you are worried about the nitty-gritty of putting an event together, do not worry, Craft-a-Boo is there for you!

Founded by Nancy and her husband, Micheal, Craft-a-Boo is a decoration and event management company in Bangalore.  

A girl can reach greater heights by herself. What about when her husband joins in her effort?  Won’t it be greatest? Yeah! I am that girl. Initially I started doing decoration for my own family parties and many seeing it, appreciated me. Likes and support of family encouraged me to start a new entity called “Craft-a-Boo” says Nancy.

Organizing a party is more of an art that blends into a mix of innovation, creativity, beauty and dedication. Each party is a hub of innovative, productive and enjoyable activities that deliver a skirting experience to all guests.

Craft-a-boo makes their clients party more memorable with loads of fun and memories. They customize the party in any theme and meet customer’s requirements and turn their dreams into reality. They plan everything well in advance and deliver with utmost perfection.

They are passionate about delivering the events in perfect timing and with well-mannered coordination and they strive hard to exceed each and every client’s expectations.


We do innovative and trendy events for all occasions and groups. We are into basic home party and birthday decorations, adult birthday, first birthday, 60th birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, bachelor parties, kids birthday, surprise decorations, baptism, naming ceremony, half saree ceremony, house warming, dessert table set up, return gifts, caps, invitation customization in any theme.


PACKAGE 1 (price Rs. 4500)

  • 300 balloons
  • Small table set up
  • Birthday banner
  • Small photo collage
  • One cutout

PACKAGE 2 (Price range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000)

  • Entrance décor
  • 400 balloons
  • Two balloon pillar
  • Dessert table set up
  • Table dressing
  • Hall decoration
  • Photo booth
  • Bday caps,return gifts
  • Backdrop(flex/cloth/flower) with LED light set up
  • Baby collage/chalk board
  • Block jumbo baby name

PACKAGE 3 (Price range from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000)

  • Entrance décor
  • 600 balPACKAGfour balloon pillar
  • Dessert table set up
  • Table dressing
  • Hall decoration
  • Photo booth
  • Bday caps,return gifts,theme pops,cake toppers ,cup cake wrappers,candies
  • Backdrop(flex/cloth/flower) with LED light set up
  • Baby collage
  • Block jumbo baby name
  • Four  theme cutouts
  • Table centerpiece
  • Wish book
  • Lawn setup
  • Chalk board
  • LED light set up

(*Travel charge is exclusive
*Ad-ons as per client requirement
*Client can add or neglect any item from package list.)

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