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A famous song by Kelly Clarkson says, “I’ll take a risk, take a chance,
make a change, and breakaway!”

Well, that is the story of MAA Communications. What started off as Marketing & Advertising Associates back in 1959, has undergone the constant cycle of choice, chance, and change to live gloriously through the years, consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of those with whom they partnered.

(L-R) Mr. Akshar Peerbhoy, Mr. Jitu Virwani, Chairman and Managing Director, Embassy Group, Mr. Bunty Peerbhoy at The Annual Ayaz Peerbhoy Memorial Lecture (APML)

The brainchild of one of the founding fathers of Indian advertising, Mr. Ayaz PeerbhoyMAA Communications sailed through the seas of time conquering one feat after the other. Until 1981, when Mr. Bunty Peerbhoy planted the flag of MAA as the first and only total communications group of India by amplifying the portfolio with diverse communication verticals; pioneering the concept of integrated communication, taking the ad-world in a stride and changing the way we look at marketing and advertising. Since then, MAA Group has had several firsts under their belt, making long-lasting footprints on the trails of the industry; and their journey has been gratifying, to say the least!

With a strong legacy of over 60 years backing the agency, MAA Communication, today, takes pride in being the full-blooded Indian agency. They have forayed into different dimensions to bring integrated marketing solutions under one roof. Expanding their horizons from traditional marketing and direct marketing to strategy and consulting in digital, design and technology services, they have opened a world of offerings to their clientele. Donning several hats, MAA has been doing an incredible job personifying cross-pollination of different facets of marketing and advertising for the changing needs across industries. With their unrelenting dedication to realign themselves to the nurture and grow brands in ever-changing mediascape.

Seth Godin says, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.”; MAA Communications takes it a notch ahead by using thoroughly-honed market intelligence to make their story-telling immensely effective and efficient.  With the expanse and years of experience in their kitty, to say that they know the Indian market and consumers well will be an understatement. And it wouldn’t be remotely preposterous either to say that they put their experience to good use; their work and their success is testimony enough for it!

It would only be safe to say that the vast array of services which MAA Communication offers are a direct result of the experience channelized to craft better-integrated marketing communication solutions. Currently, the plethora of services by MAA Communication has been broadly categorized as:

Traditional Marketing & Communication:
Offering their acumen in strategy, marketing, and creative solutions to create ground-breaking and timeless campaigns for you across various ATL and BTL mediums like Television, print Ads, OOH, Radio, Collaterals and Brand Designs,Video Marketing, content marketing and social marketing.

Digital Services:
Integrated, Insightful and Innovative is how they describe their digital services and rightly so! Their team of experts specializes in creating and supporting seamless front-end and back-end services and integration; bringing together a stellar user experience for every intended audience of the campaign. They walk-the-talk with you in strategy & consulting, design services as well as technology development.

They know that every campaign can be a video but every video need not necessarily be your campaign. It is with this clarity that they tailor-make every campaign to suit the specific audience and outcomes. The videos are guaranteed to be not only a creative masterpiece but also, an effective result of efforts right from ideation to implementation.

Across the versatile range of service offerings, the work put in by the team is not only a passion-driven creative delight but also a data-driven, effective and measurable solution with a specific focus on deriving desired results. Another refreshingly remarkable fact about MAA Communications is that besides being heroes of the show as a firm, they have always had their head and heart in the right place. They treat their people like stars as well, celebrating the uniqueness of the perspectives that they bring with them and acknowledging new ideas with profound open-mindedness.

All said and done, MAA, like a seed which was sown and tended to by the legendary Mr. Ayaz Peerbhoy, has been nurtured by generation after the prodigy himself. Under the passion, care, and expertise of Mr. Bunty Peerbhoy and the third generation Mr. Akshar Peerbhoy, it has flourished and grown into a full-fledged fruit-bearer with a promising and able leadership to guide the augmentation in future.

Intrigued by the phenomenal feats of MAA Communications, we decided to get up-close and personal with one of the firm’s leaders to find out what fuels them…

Here’s what we found out from Mr. Akshar Peerbhoy, COO, MAA Communications.

What is the most intriguing aspect of marketing and advertising which keeps you going?
Being able to meet with so many different people, be it new clients,
partners or even just consumers.

The marketing and advertising trends have evolved across the world, what do you feel is the thing that has stayed unchanged?
The importance of ‘an insight’! No matter the change or new medium, an insight will always remain important and the basis of any good hardworking advertising.

What do you feel is the next big thing in IMC?
There are two things, Artificial intelligence and data driven advertising.

Who are the people you look up to for inspiration?
Neil French, Jack Welch and Richard Branson

What, according to you, has been your most iconic work so far? Would you like to share the experience?
We were fortunate to work with a few extremely good clients, one was a brand that was starting up in a new space, part of the NRR group in mysore (Makers of Cycle Agarbatti). We had the opportunity to build this brand from scratch and give it shape along with the client. IRIS today is a leader in the space of luxury fragrances.
The other was small job we did to raise awareness on safe sex, along with a NGO run by the TTK group and Rotary club Bangalore. The line was “JOSH main Hosh”

Do you think Bangalore, as a city, plays a role in honing creativity of people? If yes, how so?
Unfortunately Bangalore hasn’t earned a name in creativity yet, but in my view Bangalore has a lot more to offer in creativity and we have several great minds here.

What’s your idea of chilling out after a hard day’s work?
There is nothing more relaxing than going home and spending time with my son. I also feel watching TV and reading helps.

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