Kagadasapura, for the people who have travelled there, is one of the most mundane parts of the city. Surrounded with apartment complexes, it gives you the feeling of a concrete jungle. And the most unexciting part is the travel through the narrow streets, agonizing stretches with a railway cross to add to the pain. When patiently waiting for your chance to make your way through the traffic you might come across this refreshing name, Madagascar Kitchen, a name which makes you sing “I like to move it, move it”. And boy does it look refreshing in this crude surroundings. The familiar characters from the movie Madagascar on the display board is compelling enough to allure you in (a big fan, even if you are not, there is an aura that can make you ‘move it’ in there).

Once you are inside Madagascar Kitchen the ambience in there is in stark contrast to the outside atmosphere, from the cacophony of the suburban agitations to the relative tranquillity you are teleported to the uncharted – just like in the movie – from Central Park to Madagascar. This is not an overblown zone just a neat and cosy space welcoming you. Like a quiet bistro sans the alcohol. The ideology of bare minimums is clearly visible in the way the open kitchen is placed, giving you a peek of what’s happening inside, giving you a sense of security in an adulterated world. Despite all the activity happening around the friendly faces you see takes you back to a familiar place from the past. With company, especially in the evening you’ll definitely enjoy the philosophy of minimalism with the lights all hanging around you.

With a plethora of variety on the menu, you are spoilt for choices. Madagascar Kitchen offers Kerala, Arabian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. There is enough to explore in this jungle. Even when the east meets west here, what makes it all remarkable is that it all feels homemade, especially the Kerala cuisines. The flavours are perfectly balanced just like mom’s food. I can vouch for the authenticity of Kerala cuisines. Having said that don’t be fooled, it’s not just Kerala cuisines that stand out, that’s just a part of me relishing memories after the food I tasted. The Chinese and the Shawarma Rolls have people flocking. The crunchy Manchurians and the generous serving of Biriyani are a delight. The Pancakes and Omelettes are mouth watery. Even the presentation is slick and savvy. Food that tugs your heartstrings, weaving experiences that are going to leave an indelible mark of a memorable culinary experience that’s going to stay, Madagascar is an experience that is worth it.

What adds to the experience in the mouth is the experience at the heart not just because of good food alone but the warmth of the people at Madagascar. When the secret behind the taste was probed we met Sudharsan, the gifted hands behind the flavours. A pleasant young man with a generous smile which is reflected in the taste of the food we enjoyed. He is all excited to give you the taste of his varieties that he says he inherited. You will not forget the taste of Sudarsan’s food, once you’ve tried it.

Like the movie, what makes Madagascar actually interesting are the characters/people from Madagascar. One will never forget Anand, the perfectionist who is involved with all the goodwill you are going to carry back from this place. He is behind everything that happens here. Our inquiry into the taste of the dishes here had revealed a secret; Anand personally handpicks all the vegetables and the meat products that are used in this hotel. His OCD is what makes this place clean as well as beautiful. He is like Alex from the movie Madagascar, the driving force.

Last but not least we have Shubhasree, the better half of Anand, she in fact is the better half when it comes to filling all the things that are missed out. She has this keen eye for details, meticulously overseeing everything here, identifying a customer here who needs that extra something or the stock that’s missing. Her prudence is definitely a winning point for Madagascar.

The bond between these people and the way they share their love for food with the people who come here, makes Madagascar a place to return for that exquisite bite that stays in your heart. Madagascar Kitchen is heart-warming, the food exciting and the entire experience is crack-a-lackin’. How else will I describe it. What are you waiting for. Come and experience it for yourself.

Address: #233, C V Raman Nagar, Annayya Reddy Building, DRDO Main Road, Phase-2, Kaggadasapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560093

Mobile: 096637 15904

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