Lifestyle diseases have emerged among the millennials and are posing a serious threat to the well being along with undue stress. Irregular food habits, disruptive lifestyle schedules and lack of physical activity have been some of the main reasons which have caused lifestyle and non-communicable diseases over the years.

After doing a couple of months of research, MultiFit realized that the most natural and largest set of TG, that would need to be looked at, is those suffering from Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and for whom fitness was a prerequisite. As per a report published by WHO titled ‘Non-Communicable Diseases – Country Profile 2018’, India’s population in 2016 was 1,324,000,000 and total deaths due to NCDs was 9,569,000. It has been estimated that by the year 2022, 76% of the Indian population will be in urban areas and where given the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diets, 2% of this set would most definitely need fitness and the best way out would be to adopt functional fitness regimes.

MultiFit has been at the forefront of innovation and transformation in fitness and strongly recommends that in order to cut down on the sedentary lifestyle, every individual should set aside some time from their daily routine to exercise in order to keep themselves fit. Ones exercise regime should include anything from HIIT, Yoga, MMA, Endurance Training, Dance, Looping, Calisthenics-a complete holistic approach to fitness that targets all the different aspects of fitness like strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, agility, speed and power, and is undoubtedly, the best way to stay fit and healthy for lifetime.

Largely driven by machines, India’s fitness sector always lacked human intervention; hence making gyming a machine-model where one is left at his/her own will to reach his/her fitness goals. MultiFit is driven by its highly qualified and experienced trainers who craft customized functional fitness group workouts that are aimed at creating a perfect balance among all aspects of fitness. This balance is achieved through their ‘iFit’ model.

So what is the ‘iFit’ model?

‘iFit’ is a combination of functional fitness, group training, and high-intensity workouts. This combination of a coherent and easy-to-deliver program enables the trainers to deliver amazing experiences to members.

The ‘iFIt’ approach by Multifit targets different aspects of fitness like strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, agility, speed power and overall fitness, making day to day motions and movements easier.

About MultiFit

Starting out with one MultiFit studio in Pune in 2015, Dr. Samir Kapoor spearheaded the brand’s growth to enable a deeper penetration in Pune as well as to take MultiFit’s concept of functional training across different parts of India. This functional fitness chain has already built a community of more than 75,000 Multi-Fitters (members) and has 32 operational functional fitness studios across 11 cities and 3 countries (including its studios at Manchester, UK and Abu Dhabi, U.A.E).

Bengaluru being an important market in Southern India serves as MultiFit’s South India Operation Headquarters. MultiFit marked its entry into the city of Bengaluru in 2018 with the launch of its Indiranagar studio, followed by the studio in Hennur and soon to be launched studio in HRBR and HSR. MultiFit along with their partner Skyefit aims to open 17 large format functional fitness studios in the city over the next 12 months.

Multifit has also recently ventured into Hyderabad and launched its first signature large format fitness studio at Jubilee Hills Hyderabad towards the end of 2018. A multi-disciplinary calisthenics and functional fitness-based fitness centre, this was the first in a chain of over 15 such fitness studios. The brand aims at opening its studio in one of India’s premier fitness cities, Hyderabad, over the next 12-18 months, which forms a part of its larger South India expansion plans.

In addition to its gym business, MultiFit also offers genetic-based nutrition mapping, has its own trainer training institute – MESA (MultiFit Exercise Science Academy) and also has a very active Athlete adoption program. Furthermore, MultiFit takes great pride with its advisory board comprising 11 National and International Athletes, Coaches and Olympians to advice on its overall growth strategy.

MultiFit’s holistic large format group driven fitness philosophy and facilities are in line with what every fitness enthusiast needs and looks forward to. More importantly, the obsession with a scientific approach towards fitness, as well as, what MultiFit has been doing with athletes and sports in general, especially on the strength and conditioning front, is something that is a perfect fit for fitness enthusiasts all over India and across the globe…

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