Life in the city is hectic. Everything is a race. A race against time, a race against people and a race to follow dreams. Most young couples are out here to make it big. Once they become parents the equation changes. Along with the happiness comes the challenges. Life changes, new dreams sprouts, this time around the little one. Once they survive the initial stage barely making it out with the parental leaves and if lucky their parents jumping into action, now the biggest decision in life (after becoming parents) arises. In the land of gurukul vidyabyasa, the evolution of education and work this time around are forcing parents to admit children early into gurukuls. A place where they will nurture this child, fill them with all the necessary information and of course be the second home of the child when the parents are busy working. Where will they send their little one in whom all their hopes resides.

This is the challenge in a city where there are childcare centers and crèches cropping up every day, hoping to make big money out of this business. They come in all sizes and shapes. The ones where you find all the technology and all the eye-catchy stuff which money can buy to the ones, which are barely even a building in the backyard of some wannabe. Remember we are the land of gurukuls, where knowledge was imparted from the guru. It was easier then, this time around the kids are too small to just see the guru and learn. This little one has to do something more than survive, in fact, excel for the parent who is pulled back into the cycle of survival away from the child. Now, we are introduced to the subtle art of teaching the child to learn from the surrounding by awakening their natural instincts of curiosity and exploration, which are nurtured by experienced hands. This fine art is called the Montessori Method after its founder Maria Montessori. And it has been successfully practiced for more than a century.

Vidyaramba meaning the “beginning of knowledge” is a Montessori school founded by a passionate Mrs. Zahira with just a child in her care in 2003. Now the school stands tall with over 700 plus children nurtured and cared for over 15 years with total commitment and dedication. The school serves children from 2½ to 6 years of age (Pre-Primary) and from 6 to 9 years of age (Lower Elementary). At the school, children engage in interactive learning in an environment, carefully prepared by the Montessori trained educators. The educators here are all Montessori certified professionals.

Lessons are imparted in mixed-aged groups, using Montessori material. In the environment, the child is offered the use of material specially designed to fulfill their inner need. These materials invitingly displayed within the reach of the child’s eyes and hands, awaken in them the desire to learn its purpose allowing their budding intelligence to enjoy the purposeful activity. The child learns by hands-on experiences in a collaborative environment where the child gains confidence and starts the journey of independence early.

The student-teacher ratio is almost 15:1 ensuring that personal care is given to each kid and formal feedbacks are recorded almost all the time. The children are provided a space to improve & enhance their abilities. In Vidyaramba, children are exposed to various set of activities which stimulates the thinking capacity. These activities let the child learn cause & effect, solve problems, gain confidence, achieve goals, make them convert their thoughts into action. Self-thinking, problem-solving and social interaction is always promoted. The school is equipped with an outdoor play area focusing on interaction outside classrooms and premises are 100% safety standard compliant thus making it a safe zone to learn with all the fun that they can have. And the little ones, they are encouraged to express their feelings to others and by exposing them to rich and varied sentences with vocabulary & grammar in the form of carefully selected poems, songs and reading. This makes the children gain confidence in speaking up the language and interact with confidence.

The educators not only spend time with the kids but also with their parents to discuss their child’s interests and their stages of development at the school. For busy parents with tight work schedules, Vidyaramba provides ONLINE PROGRESS REPORTS with comments on their child’s academic & behavioral progress which ensures that the child is given the utmost care. Thus they define themselves as an ecosystem, connecting parents, teachers, management & the admins who work in tandem to contribute towards each child’s education & development.

Vidyaramba brings up after school care program where students up to age 10, can enhance their various curricular/extracurricular skills. They have affiliated with the partners who excel in teaching karate, music, painting, drawing, handwriting, etc. By joining the after school care program, students get a chance to improve their skills and improvise their creative thinking capability.

The school is open from 9.30 in the morning to 3.30 in the evening. A daycare center or creche is also available from 8 in the morning to 6.30 in the evening.

Pick up and drop facility is available for all the children enrolled.

For more details, contact

Vidyaramba Montessori & Primary School
#196/1, 1st Main Road, Talacauvery Layout,
Basavanagar, Bangalore – 560037

Landline: 080 – 2522 7963
Mobile: 98454 82246, 98860 91242


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